Associated Group was found in 1984, incorporated in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong.  In 1986, invested in Shenzhen to set up factories. The company has been focused on the professional nonwoven business, after more than thirty years of rapid development, has vertically integrated to produce downstream products such as wipe, gloves and other hygiene/medical disposable. The Group has set up five production plants in Shenzhen City and Shaoguan City of Gunagdong China, covering over 200 acres in these two industrial parks. Products inlcude all kinds of advanced non-woven fabrics, various wipes for household and medical applications and medical disposables.The Group employs more than 1,000 people, includes more than 300 professional engineering and technical personnel  . The company conducts Customers First and Integrity Management policy, attaches great importance to product innovation and development, we have set up a technology center recently to strengthen our ability to develope new products and technologies. The Group is focus on long-term partnership, is committed to develope long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and other partners to establish a strong technology alliance, helps customers improving product value, and establish a win-win cooperation situation. Besides business, the Group cares about society, is actively involved invarious charity activities, generously donates fund to school children as well as disabled group like blind people. Meanwhile, Mr. Yu Min (Chairman of the Board) also actively participates activities in industry associations, chambers of commerce. 

Our advantage

Technical advantages:Advance and automatic digital control of non-woven production processes.

Personnel: High caliber marketing, manufacturing and R & D teams, a strong domestic and international technology alliances.

branded advantages:Well known industrial leader in nonwoven industry.

Environmental advantages:GMP plant, hygiene rating - Class one hundred thousand filtered clean room.

Financial advantage: Strong financial base, with sales growing steadily.

Resources:Extensive application of IT technology, and office automation.

Equipment advantages:Owns international high-precision, high-performance nonwoven production line, wet wipes production lines, and two RO reverse osmosis + EDI ultra-pure water systems.

One stop supplier:The most comprehensive non-woven, non-woven products, wet wipes, medical and hygiene supplies

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